Donald Trump phoned into On the Record just as reports broke out of the suspected terror attack in Nice, France, saying it was proof of a world coming apart.

"Well it sounds like 'Here we go again,'" Trump said. "It's gonna be a whole different world. We're living in a whole different world and there's no respect for law and order. There's no respect for anything or anybody. And this has to be dealt with very harshly."

Trump said the world was going to have to get smart and tough or "we're not going to have a society, we're not going to have a world anymore."

Trump said that, as president, he would not allow people into the country from "terrorist nations" and would implement "extreme vetting."

Trump later talked to The O'Reilly Factor, saying "we better get awfully tough and awfully smart and vigilant very quickly."

"It's war and we're dealing with people without uniforms."

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