Episode 3 Recap: See the Powerful Re-Creation of the Battle of Bunker Hill

Episode 4 Recap Recap: Washington Discovers a Traitor in the Ranks

Episode 5 Recap: Washington's Miraculous Escape from NY

What's the real story behind the most infamous traitor in American history?

Don't miss the next episode of the hit docu-series Legends & Lies on Sunday at 8:00pm ET on Fox News Channel!

In Legends & Lies: The Patriots, you get to see the American Revolution, as it really happened.

On last week's episode, we saw Thomas Jefferson and the Continental Congress wrestle with the decision to declare independence, while Gen. Washington made a miraculous escape from New York.

In the next episode, Benedict Arnold: American Traitor, you'll meet the man whose name would eventually become synonymous with treason. 

When Nathan Hale is captured behind enemy lines and hung for treason, Benjamin Tallmadge is quickly recruited to take his place, and the Continental intelligence operation is back on track. But when Washington’s capable and trusted general, Benedict Arnold, faces a court martial, the protégé betrays his mentor - offering up the crucial fort at West Point, along with Washington himself - in return for an officer’s commission with the Brits.

While Tallmadge is hot on Arnold’s trail - with proof of his treasonous plan - Arnold slips away into a red coat.

Watch the preview clips above and below and make sure to tune in on Sunday at 8:00pm ET on Fox News Channel!

Legends & Lies is narrated by executive producer Bill O'Reilly and produced by Warm Springs Productions, which is known for such programs as The History Channel’s "Mountain Men," Animal Planet’s "American River Renegades" and HGTV’s "Log Cabin Living."

Full episode schedule...

Sunday, July 17: Benedict Arnold - American Traitor

Sunday, July 24: Francis Marion - American Guerrilla Fighter

Sunday, July 31: President George Washington - Forged In Conflict

Sunday, August 7: Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr - Deadly Division

Three more special episodes will air in December...

Sunday, December 11: Forgotten Heroes

Sunday, December 18: America's First Christmas

Sunday, January 1: How Freedom Was Won