Thanks to you, the loyal viewers, Fox News Channel remains America's #1 choice for news and the most-watched channel on all of cable.

As Fox News Channel gets set to mark 20 years on the air, viewers have chosen us over the other cable news competition for 58 straight quarters! 

And with the 2016 presidential campaign in full swing, Fox News Channel is on pace for its most-watched year ever, topping all of cable in total viewers for the first six months of the year.

The highlights include:

- Fox & Friends has been viewers' top choice on cable news in the morning going all the way back to Nov. 2001.

- America’s Newsroom has been #1 since Feb. 2007 and Happening Now has been #1 since Nov. 2007.

- Shepard Smith Reporting (previously Studio B) has been on top for 56 consecutive quarters and Your World has been #1 for 58 consecutive quarters.

- The Five has been #1 on cable news in its time period for 60 consecutive months since July 2011.

- Special Report has beaten its cable news competition for 177 straight months.

- On the Record has won every month since moving to 7pm 33 months ago.

- The O’Reilly Factor has remained #1 in its time slot since 2000. 

- The Kelly File and Hannity have been #1 in their respective time slots for 33 straight months.

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