A stunning new set of Quinnipiac University polls show Donald Trump leading or tied with Hillary Clinton in three key swing states. 

Here are the numbers: 

Trump highlighted the good pre-convention news on Twitter. 

The polls show big advantages for Trump when it comes to which candidate voters trust more. 

Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt said the new polls come after a "total dumpster fire of a fortnight" for the Clinton campaign.

He noted that it follows Bills Clinton's controversial meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the FBI pointing out Mrs. Clinton's extreme carelessness with classified information as secretary of state.

"For two weeks, Hillary Clinton could do nothing but suck at running for president," said Stirewalt, adding that the Clinton campaign will hope that this is the "ugliest" it will get.

While the FBI did not recommend charges against Clinton, Stirewalt pointed out that James Comey basically accused Clinton of lying to the public about her emails. 

Martha MacCallum noted that Clinton lost 14 points among independent voters in Florida over the last month, according to the Quinnipiac polls. She now trails Trump 43-30%.

Watch the full segment above.

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