See What's on The Five's #RoadtoCleveland & #RoadtoPhilly Playlist!

'The Five' Celebrates 5 Years, and Unveils Its Convention Tour Bus!

The Five's #RoadtoCleveland bus trip is just days away, so that means it's time to to lay down some road rules.

Greg Gutfeld said the trip isn't really about bonding, but making it to next week's Republican National Convention without killing each other.

He listed the rules, which covered everything from bathroom etiquette to sing-alongs.

The bus leaves Friday right after the show to Cleveland for the RNC, and it'll be headed to Philly the following week for the DNC.

Tune in each day at 5pm ET for all the fun as Dana, Juan, Eric, Greg and Kimberly bring you can't miss coverage of the RNC.

Watch the monologue above, and ride along with The Five by following them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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