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Following FBI director Jim Comey's announcement that no charges will be filed against Hillary Clinton for her private email server, House Republicans are proposing a bill that would remove her security clearance.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) explained on "Fox and Friends" this morning that Comey said Clinton exercised "extreme carelessness" in her handling of classified information.

He said that's why he and his colleagues introduced the bill, which says, "If you exercise extreme carelessness - rather than gross negligence - your security clearance will be revoked or any application will be denied."

"I think it sends a strong message out there to the community who do hold security clearances as to what the standard really is," McCaul said.

He pointed out that if Clinton was still with the State Department, the discussion would be about her possible termination from her post, not her coronation as the Democratic presidential nominee.

"She compromised - as the FBI director said - possibly some of the top most sensitive programs in the federal government," McCaul said. "So you have the top diplomat possibly compromising classified information to our top adversaries. I find that deeply disturbing. It is, with my judgment, gross negligence. And I think she put national security at stake here."

He said this is just more evidence that the Clintons believe the law doesn't apply to them, which is why they're trying to make a statement with this bill.

"This is not fair to the other people in the intelligence community that have security clearances that play by the rules and that she violates them in an extreme, careless and, I think, gross negligence way and somehow gets away with it."

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