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A discussion between Megyn Kelly and D.L. Hughley over recent police shootings became heated when the two disagreed over the circumstances of the 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

Kelly and Hughley had been talking about when it was appropriate to assign racism as a motive in officer-related deaths.

Kelly brought up Ferguson, saying that the DOJ investigation determined that "Hands up, don't shoot" was a lie and that Michael Brown was the aggressor. Hughley said, "Wow, wow" in disbelief.

"Don't 'wow' me," Kelly said. "That's what they found."

"Don't tell me not to 'wow' you," Hughley shot back. "I can say wow if I want to." 

He went on to say that racism was found at the Ferguson police department, suggesting Officer Darren Wilson was also racist, and said that "no one has proven" that Brown reached into Wilson's patrol car, even though it was in the DOJ's report.

Hughley then tried to get off the topic of Ferguson, saying "we were talking about the young man that just got murdered in Minnesota--." 

"And the rush to judgment and the assumption that you know something when you don't actually know it," Kelly said, finishing his sentence.

She emphasized that, just like in the Michael Brown case, people should wait for all the facts to emerge.

Earlier, Trace Gallagher reported that Minnesota officers believed Philando Castile resembled a robbery suspect and that's why the traffic stop occurred.

Castile's family contends the officers were racially profiling him. 

Castile's girlfriend initially claimed that the officer knew about Castile's legally-owned firearm, which he had a valid license to carry.

But she has since told ABC News that the officer "didn't know it was on his person."

Watch the full segment above.

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