Hillary Clinton called for national unity today - evoking Abraham Lincoln's famous "A House Divided" address - before pivoting to a series of attacks on Donald Trump. 

Speaking from the Old State House in Springfield, Illinois - the site of Lincoln's famous 1858 speech - Clinton spoke about division in the wake of anti-police protests and the attack that killed five Dallas officers last week. 

"We need a president who can help pull us together not split us apart, and that is why I believe Donald Trump is so dangerous," she said before attacking Trump repeatedly. 

She claimed that Trump would violate the Constitution as president and spoke of children expressing fear about Trump.

"When kids are scared by political candidates and policy debates, it’s a sign something has gone badly wrong," she said.

Karl Rove reacted on Happening Now, slamming Clinton for using the "most vicious and personal tones possible" to attack Trump right after lamenting the polarization and division in America. 

He said it was "mind boggling" to hear the positive beginning to the address followed by a "rhetorical two-by-four" against Trump. 

"I've had my problems with Donald Trump, but that was about as unfair a set of assaults as one could make. It was the proverbial kitchen sink coming roaring through our television set ... seconds after she said we needed to change America's politics from one of polarization and fear-mongering. It was an extraordinary performance," said Rove.

Watch his full analysis above and some of the remarks below.

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