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Obama at Dallas Memorial Service: 'We Are Not as Divided as We Seem'

A comment by President Obama about easy access to guns during his Dallas memorial speech today is raising some eyebrows.

The president was speaking about police shouldering the burden in neglected communities. But one line in particular stood out.

We also know what Chief Brown has said is true, that so much of the tensions between police departments and minority communities that they serve is because we ask the police to do too much and we ask too little of ourselves.

As a society, we choose to under-invest in decent schools. We allow poverty to fester so that entire neighborhoods offer no prospect for gainful employment. We refuse to fund drug treatment and mental health programs.

We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.

And then we tell the police, “You’re a social worker; you’re the parent; you’re the teacher; you’re the drug counselor.” We tell them to keep those neighborhoods in check at all costs and do so without causing any political blowback or inconvenience; don’t make a mistake that might disturb our own peace of mind. And then we feign surprise when periodically the tensions boil over.

The panel reacted to that line on Special Report, calling the president's statement hyperbolic and untrue.

"The president has a metabolic urge to talk about gun control," George Will said. "But I don't think that kind of hyperbole is helpful."

Laura Ingraham had a more forceful reaction, saying that the deceitful comment "ruined much of the speech" for her.

"First of all, it's verifiably untrue. He just said something that's verifiably untrue, and it has no relation to what happened," she said.

Ingraham said the Dallas gunman was a military-trained expert and not a teenager.

"That ruined much of the speech for me, because you don't have to get political. This is not a day, really, to be political."

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