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As speculation about possible Donald Trump running mates swirls, Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort appeared on "Fox and Friends" to weigh in on the VP pick process.

Manafort said he expects Trump to announce his choice by the end of the week, because the presumptive Republican nominee wants the Republican National Convention to be focused on laying out why he's the best person to lead the country.

As for the names that are reportedly on Trump's shortlist - Sen. Jeff Sessions, Gov. Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tom Cotton - Manafort said that they all possess qualities that Trump is looking for in a running mate.

"Donald Trump basically said at the very beginning of the process he wanted somebody who understood Washington, would be a partner in dealing with the issues that had to be dealt with in breaking the gridlock and bringing real change, and he wanted somebody that could be president on day one," Manafort said. "Everybody on that list fits those qualifications."

Manafort said that Trump has been very methodical in this process, talking to associates, friends and everyday Americans about what they want to see in a vice president.

"The process has been very, very methodical and professional. Now, we’ve gotten it down to the shortlist, and you’ll find out who it is - when I will - very soon."

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