O'Reilly to Trump: Do You Understand the African-American Experience?

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Bill O'Reilly said that President Obama said some laudable things in his Dallas memorial address today, "but then [he] veered away from the present into the land of grievance."

O'Reilly said that "raising the specter of slavery and Jim Crow gives the haters an excuse and fuels the grievance industry."

"If we are ever to become one nation under God, we will have to put the grievances behind us and not use them as an excuse for current bad behavior. That means acceptance of past sins and a determination to never let mass discrimination happen again."

He said that Obama seems to understand that, but is "not powerful enough in stating it" and instead "dwells on the problem rather than the solution."

"The truth is, bias will always be with us. Every country has it. From the dawn of mankind, unfair treatment has occurred on this planet. Americans should all be in this together, but we're not."

Watch the full memo above.

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