A British man's amazing carrot lineup is going viral. 

The man took issue with the bag of "carrot batons" that he purchased from grocery store Tesco. Calling himself a "carrot aficionado," Aaron called the batons (that's what carrot sticks are called in the U.K. evidently) the worst he had ever come across.

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Tesco apologized on Twitter and asked Aaron to direct-message them with further details. They probably wish they hadn't, since Aaron came back with a detailed lineup of the worst orange offenders.

One he labeled "92% water," another was pointed out to be "mouldy" and another was called "infested."

Tesco offered him a refund for the hideous-looking batons.

Naturally, this was a story "Red Eye" had to take on, as Tom asked whether this person should be buying groceries at all. 

"I do kind of love this spirit and I love when you get your money back and stick it to the man," Joanne Nosuchinsky said.

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