Greta Van Susteren called out three nations for issuing travel advisories to its citizens about coming to the United States.

The Bahamas warned its citizens on Friday, particularly young males, to exercise "extreme caution" around police officers due to recent police shootings of young black males.

"Do not get involved in political or other demonstrations under any circumstances and avoid crowds," the advisory stated.

Meantime, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain warned its citizens to be "cautious of protests or crowded areas" stemming from police shootings of black men. 

Van Susteren called the warnings "insulting" to Americans and the 99.99% of police officers who protect and serve this nation each day.

"I find their warnings insulting to Americans. We're proud of our First Amendment right to peacefully protest. We're not, Syria, Iran, Yemen or South Sudan, where there's no First Amendment," she said, adding that anyone who avoids coming here is "missing out." 

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