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Newly-released documents show Bill Clinton had some outrageous contractual demands when he traveled the speaking circuit.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the former president received a lot more than his six-figure fee at speaking engagements, including thousands of dollars for private jets and dinners.

The documents reveal that while speaking at the University of California Davis Mondavi Center in 2002, Clinton demanded to be flown by private jet from San Francisco to the venue just 70 miles away.

After his five-day stay at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel - during which he only gave one speech - Clinton billed event organizers for thousands more in "reasonable expenses."

Those included phone calls from his hotel room, dinner, room service and hotel movies.

Another noteworthy demand Clinton made of the organizers? Any questions that would be asked during the event had to be preapproved.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" co-hosts react above.

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