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In recent days, Rudy Giuliani has been under fire for his outspoken criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement.

On "Fox and Friends" this morning, the former New York City mayor doubled down, saying that Black Lives Matter is "inherently racist" and is only causing deeper divisions in the country along racial lines.

Giuliani explained that the movement is only concerned with police officer-related shootings of African-Americans. He pointed out that they never protest the fact that 90 percent of black Americans who are murdered are the victims of black-on-black crime.

He said Black Lives Matter's silence about the violence in Chicago in a particularly glaring example, as someone is killed every 14 hours in the city, most of whom are African-American.

"They don't mean 'Black Lives Matter,'" Giuliani said. "They mean, 'Let's Agitate Against the Police Matters.' If they meant 'Black Lives Matter,' they would be doing something about the way in which the vast majority of blacks are killed in America, which is by other blacks."

He added that Black Lives Matter is "inherently racist" because it divides people based upon race, when the actual, obvious truth is that "all lives matter."

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