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Following a weekend of widespread, sometimes violent protests, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) joined Stuart Varney to discuss how the nationwide state of civil unrest could impact the 2016 election.

Peters said that Democrats - particularly presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton - have boxed themselves in when it comes to police tactics and race relations.

"Hillary Clinton can't come out strongly in defense of law and order and the police because she'd lose too many votes among an essential part of her base," Peters explained. "She's stuck."

Peters said that presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump will also have difficulty bridging the racial divide, but he could actually benefit from the eruption of violence at anti-police protests.

"Every rock a demonstrator throws at a cop is at least 1,000 more votes for Donald Trump," Peters said. "And [Clinton] doesn't know what to do about it."

He explained that Trump has given a voice to traditionally Democratic, blue-collar voters who feel ignored by the Democratic Party.

"What matters is the feeling of anger in the land. And the anger is by no means confined to Black Lives Matter. The anger is far broader. And Trump is the winner."

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