Hillary Clinton pushed back on FBI Director James Comey for saying she was "extremely careless" with classified information on her private email server. 

In a recent interview, Clinton said she "certainly did not believe" that she was emailing classified materials during her time as secretary of state. 

"Any of the documents that have been referred to, I think, were not marked or were marked inaccurately," said Clinton.

She argued that professionals with years of experience "did not believe that it was [classified]," adding that, "I did not have a basis for second-guessing their conclusion."

Comey said there were 110 emails in 52 email chains that were determined to contain classified information "at the time they were sent."

Previously, Clinton maintained she never sent or received material "marked classified" on her private server.

Meantime, a new Washington Post poll found that 56 percent disagree with Comey's conclusion, compared to 35 percent who agree. 

Kennedy reacted on Outnumbered, arguing that Comey even said that if Clinton had used Gmail, the information would have been better protected.

"At first, she said I did not send classified information. Then she said, I didn't knowingly send classified information. Now she's saying I didn't believe I sent classified information. Lady, ya sent and received classified information!" said Kennedy. 

She also called out Clinton for claiming she turned over "everything" from her email server when Comey said the FBI found classified emails that were not turned over previously.

Asked whether Clinton may have committed perjury in previous testimony to Congress about her emails, Judge Alex Ferrer said it's a "really close" call and he'd have to review the statements. 

"I'll save ya the time. She perjured herself," said Kennedy.

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