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Following the horrific shooting in Dallas, local children are raising money with lemonade stands to support the city's police officers.

Fox 4 reported that a group of young girls is selling lemonade, brownies and cookies outside a home in northwest Dallas.

The stand has been visited by hundreds of people, and the girls have raised $10,000 to donate to the officers and families who were affected by Thursday's massacre.

“At first it was just a lemonade stand and then what happened to the police in downtown Dallas made me realize that families out there were in need of money,” said Landry Nelon, one of the girls who organized the effort.

Those young Good Samaritans aren't the only ones who are doing their part to help.

A Fox News fan submitted a photo of a group of kids who are also raising money with their own lemonade stand.

So far, they've raised more than $1,000, which will go to the families of the fallen officers.

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