Two more officers who were injured in Thursday night's attack on Dallas police officers have now been identified. 

Detective/Cpl. Bryan Shaw and Officer John Abbott, who work for the El Centro College police force, were injured by bullets as the shooter stormed a campus building.

Shaw was hit and bullet fragments became lodged in his stomach, under his vest, when Micah Johnson blasted through locked glass doors to enter the building around 9pm local time.

"Shaw returned to protect other officers and civilians with bullet fragments still lodged in his stomach and was not examined by Emergency Medical Services personnel until 3 a.m.," a college spokesperson told WFAA-TV.

Abbott sustained lacerations to his legs from shattered glass. Despite his injuries, the former Navy medic, rushed to try to save the life of DART Officer Brent Thompson, who died at the scene.

Shaw and Abbott are recovering at home, but Shaw still needs surgery for his injury. A total of 13 officers were shot on Thursday night.

See more on the five officers who were killed, here.

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