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A Florida sheriffs' office went out of its way to help a mother and her family who were experiencing tough times.

Two deputies with the Brevard County Sheriff's office realized the family was down on their luck after pulling over the mother for a minor traffic violation.

With donations and money out of their own pockets, Officers Sean Cronin and Anthony Gonnelly, as well as community service workers Tonja Tucker and Valerie Sauro, were able to acquire a car seat for her child and purchase some much-needed groceries.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey praised the staff's kind act on Facebook, saying it was an example of how the office believes in serving its community.

"While the team was able to get the car seat donated, they took the money from their own pockets to pay for the groceries, because of their compassion for others, and because they each realize that at any given moment in life it could be one of us that experiences a tough time," he wrote.

"It is actions like this and many others that make me so proud of the men and women of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office who do everything they can to protect our community. Like me, they also know how fortunate we are to have a community that takes care of us while partnering together to make Brevard County an awesome place to call home!!"

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