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In the wake of the Dallas shooting, some are questioning the way in which law enforcement killed gunman Micah Johnson.

Johnson was killed by a robot-delivered bomb Thursday after a shooting spree that left five police officers dead.

Judge Alex Ferrer joined the "Fox and Friends Weekend" co-hosts to weigh in on the legality of law enforcement using bombs in the U.S.

Ferrer explained that critics claim if it is easy for officers to use lethal force in a detached manner, it will become more commonplace.

He dismissed that as an "unrealistic concern," explaining that there must be a calculated analysis by law enforcement every time deadly force is employed, no matter what weapon is used.

"To the perpetrator who's getting killed, I don't think it much matters to him whether it's a SWAT sniper who shoots him in the head or a robot that blows him up," Ferrer said. "It's a distinction without a difference."

He pointed out that if authorities tried to take down Johnson with a frontal assault, he could have injured or killed more police officers in the process.

"The idea that they decided to use a small device, put in on a robot and send it in there to do the same thing that a SWAT sniper would do doesn't bother me in the least."

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