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Is the Black Lives Matter movement inciting violence?

Bill O'Reilly and Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP Washington bureau, engaged in a heated debate on that question last night on "The Factor."

O'Reilly said that if African-Americans really want to bring the country together, they need to distance themselves from the Black Lives Matter movement.

He pointed out that Black Lives Matter anti-police protests in Oakland quickly descended into violence and chaos on Thursday night, arguing that their extreme tactics hurt race relations.

"There are very few white Americans who respect Black Lives Matter," O'Reilly stated. "White Americans despise this crew. And if black Americans don’t understand that, we’re just going to grow further apart."

Shelton disagreed and pointed out that people of all ethnicities and backgrounds take part in the Black Lives Matter protests.

"Shelton, you know who's driving the violence there. You know who it is!" O'Reilly fired back. "[There's] a growing racial divide, and Black Lives Matter is making it worse."

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