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A lead organizer of the anti-police brutality protest in Dallas who was saying "God damn White America" hours before the deadly ambush on police officers joined The Kelly File tonight.

Megyn Kelly asked Rev. Jeff Hood upfront if he regretted making the incendiary statements.

Hood said that if he could do it over again he would have chosen different words, but that he was trying to express the anger that was being felt after officer-related deaths this week in Lousiana and Minnesota.

"Obviously, what I was saying was that there needs to be an end to white-controlled America, there needs to be an end to white dominance in America. We have to come together as one America," he said.

Kelly asked if he understood how damaging it could be to condemn white America when that could be seen as encompassing the white officers who were out in Dallas last night safeguarding their protest and came under attack.

Hood said his intention was to condemn "the infrastructure of white dominance" and that there still needs to be a conversation about that, but he is devastated by loss of the five police officers.

Watch the segment above.

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