Mother Wounded in Dallas Ambush Shields Son from Gunfire

WATCH: Witnesses Capture Dallas Police Ambush; Point-Blank Shooting

A Dallas police officer - on the morning after 12 of his colleagues were shot in an ambush - took to Facebook this morning with an emotional update as he reported for duty. 

"Good Morning From Dallas. I [won't] be long for today is gonna be a very busy day," wrote Bryan Woodard, a Dallas County Constable.

In the video, Woodard referred to a black strip over his badge, which is used by police officers to honor the fallen. 

"I was not expecting to have my badge covered this morning. But it's covered because we lost five. It hurts," he said, asking people to pray for the victims, their families and police officers. 

"It's not [as] easy as you might think it is out here. It's very, very sad," he said in a clip that's been viewed more than 2 million times.

Woodard ended with an emotional plea. 

"Always remember: I refuse to see hate live while love dies. You all have a blessed morning," he concluded.

Watch the viral video above. Here's more on three of the five Dallas officers who were killed in the worst attack on U.S. law enforcement since 9/11.

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