DETAILS: All 5 Police Officers Killed in Dallas Ambush Have Been Identified

LOOK: Crowds Line Up to Hug Dallas Police Officers

Greg Gutfeld said that the officers who were killed or wounded in Dallas "suffered for a media narrative."

"The tendency to group local separate into one greater national phenomenon often doesn't reveal real truth, it only serves to obscure specifics in each single case," Gutfeld said on The Five.

He said that the Dallas police had no connection at all to police-related shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota this week, "but they took bullets because of them."

"They suffered for a media narrative."

Gutfeld said the same sensitivity given to Islam isn't afforded to police, and the facts are disregarded in favor of "emotional conclusions."

"So put on your outrage helmets. The road is about to get bumpy once again. And protest if you wish and shout if you must, and be happy you're safe and protected by some of the greatest people on earth."

Watch the monologue above.

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