'Facts Are Facts': Watters Confronts Al Sharpton on His 'Offing the Pigs' Rant

Watters' World: 'What Are You Afraid Of?' Edition

University of North Carolina recently caused a stir when it published "microagression guidelines" on one of its forums.

The blog post sought to educate employees on politically correct etiquette on everything from marriage to golf and shoes.

The post was quickly hidden from public view after conservatives complained that the school was policing speech.

So, Jesse Watters went down to Chapel Hill to find out what's going on...

If you see someone and you say, 'Oh where ya from?'...

Are you offended if I ask you "Where are you from?"

Where ya from?

"I'm from India. How about you?"

Oh, I've been here for a while.

Do you think it's offensive if I invite someone to play golf?

I think that hat might be a microagression.

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