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A reporter in Mexico is out of a job after the photo above - showing locals carrying her over floodwaters - went viral. 

Lydia Cumming, 24, was in the city of Puebla, recently to cover heavy flooding, but she ended up being mercilessly mocked on social media for not wanting to get her pricey shoes dirty. 

She was photographed being carried over the water by a man and woman who lived nearby.

Various photoshopped images mocking Cumming were posted on Twitter as #LadyReportera picked up steam.

Cumming later posted a video apology on Twitter.

"I admit my mistakes. The photos show a lack of professionalism and tact," she said.

Cumming reportedly said earlier that she felt it would be rude to turn down the locals' offer to carry her. 

Announcing Cumming's firing, her boss at TV Azteca called her actions "regrettable."

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