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Charles Krauthammer said FBI Director James Comey, in his testimony to the House Oversight Commitee today, never got over the "logical problem" of Hillary Clinton committing the felony of gross negligence. He said that it seemed like Comey was looking for a way to avoid indicting Clinton.

Krauthammer explained that federal statute says that a felony is committed whether there was criminal intent or not.

"You don't need intention," Krauthammer said on Special Report. "He never got over that."

Krauthammer said his interpretation was that Comey was looking for a way to avoid indicting Clinton because it would have "changed the course of American political history."

He compared it to the case of Chief Justice John Roberts finding the "most tortured way to avoid overturning" Obamacare, because he "didn't want to intrude into American history, overturning legislation so momentous." 

"I think Comey did not want to be remembered as the guy who changed the course of American political history."

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