Comey: Hillary Shared Classified Info with People Who Didn't Have Required Clearance

GOP Rep. Grills Comey: What's the Difference Between Carelessness and Negligence?

One of the most talked about moments of today's House hearing with FBI Director James Comey was when Rep. Trey Gowdy confronted the director with a laundry list of false statements made by Hillary Clinton about her private mail server.

Megyn Kelly credited Gowdy on The Kelly File with getting to the heart of the matter, which was that, regardless of whether Clinton committed a crime, she repeatedly misled the American public.

"There's no question she made false statements to the public," Gowdy said. He said the reason he went through exercise with Comey was because he believed there is circumstantial evidence to demonstrate Clinton had the intent to mishandle classified information.

"Innocent people don't lie. So, if you have a series of false statements then you need to ask yourself why do you feel the need to mislead. It might be consciousness of guilt."

Gowdy said he still believed Comey was a "straight shooter," then waded into why he believed it was difficult to say if politics was behind the decision.

Watch the interview above.

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