GOP Rep. Grills Comey: What's the Difference Between Careless and Negligent?

Comey: Hillary Shared Classified Info with People Who Didn't Have Required Clearance

Greg Gutfeld gave his take on today's House committee questioning of FBI Director James Comey over the decision not to charge Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

Gutfeld said the hearing went as planned, "but as Republicans chased facts, Democrats chased Republicans."

He said that Democrats had to make their comments about "attacks on Comey, because the focus can't be on Hillary."

He said that Comey's conclusion on Clinton was that "her stupidity exonerates her."

Hearing or no hearing, Gutfeld said, "Comey was the bull, and Hillary was the china shop - and what a mess he left."

He said that even though Comey didn't prosecute, what he did was even worse.

"He condemned her, and let her go, which fed the already toxic belief that the Clintons live by different rules, and never get busted," he said.

"What America saw today was a college course on the Clintons: Corruption 101. And what the Democratic Party is left with is an extremely careless, highly negligent, insanely arrogant, entitled bungler, i.e. just another Democrat."

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GOP Rep. Grills Comey: What's the Difference Between Carelessness and Negligence?