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Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that she is following the FBI's recommendation not to press charges against Hillary Clinton and closing the investigation into her private email server.

“Late this afternoon, I met with FBI Director James Comey and career prosecutors and agents who conducted the investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email system during her time as Secretary of State," Lynch said in a statement.

"I received and accepted their unanimous recommendation that the thorough, year-long investigation be closed and that no charges be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation."

The decision was largely a formality given Comey's public statement on the case yesterday, where he recommended against any prosecution.

Donald Trump reacted to the news during a campaign rally in Cincinnati, saying it was "very sad."

He said that no email that's deleted really goes away and he doesn't think investigators "looked too hard."

He also said that since Clinton should be disqualified from the race because "our enemies likely have a blackmail file on her" after her server was breached.

Watch a clip of the speech above.

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