Donald Trump called in to The Real Story this afternoon, hours after Hillary Clinton attacked his business record during a speech in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

Clinton also fired off a series of tweets today, slamming Trump for his business practices in the city and for lying about the success of his casinos there.

Trump told Kimberly Guilfoyle that Clinton is attempting to distract people from what FBI Director James Comey said about her handling of classified information.

"She just wants to get off the subject of all the lies she told to the FBI and to the public. It's a disgrace what happened. Other people were punished severely and she wasn't punished at all. She's really about the big lies," said Trump. 

He said that he had success and created "thousands of thousands" of jobs in Atlantic City, but has not been back in seven years. 

Trump said he left the city before many hotels went bankrupt, blaming the problems on Democratic policies in the city.

Watch Clinton and Trump's remarks above.

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