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Megyn Kelly kicked off her show by fact-checking Hillary Clinton's past statements about her use of a private email server, declaring that the former secretary of state "systematically misled the American people for 16 months."

Kelly said that FBI Director James Comey, though he did not recommend criminal charges against Clinton, laid out a "devastating account" of the scandal that flies in the face of what Clinton has claimed publicly. 

She said Comey's statement Tuesday "absolutely supports a finding that [Clinton] misled the American people over and over and over again while under federal investigation."

For example, Clinton said over and over that she never sent or received anything that was "marked classified" and that some messages were "retroactively" classified.

Comey, however, said that investigators uncovered 110 emails in 52 chains that were classified "at the time they were sent or received." 

"This is not a matter of retroactive classification. That was another misleading statement from the Clinton camp," said Kelly.

Clinton also maintained that she turned over all of her work-related emails, but Comey said there were "several thousand emails" that were not turned over in 2014, some of which contained classified information.

Watch the full fact-check above and in the video below see former assistant FBI director James Kallstrom's harsh criticism of Comey.

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