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What are the odds?! 

Identical twin sisters gave birth at the same time on the same day more than 1,000 miles apart. 

The 35-year-old sisters' babies were both born at 1:18am last Thursday, one in Denver and the other in San Diego. 

Leah Rodgers welcomed a baby boy at 1:18am local time in Denver. Then an hour later, at 1:18am in California, her sister, Sarah Mariuz, had a daughter.

It was the first child for each sister.

The two sisters told TODAY that it was also an incredible moment last Thanksgiving when they revealed to each other they were both pregnant. 

"I ran down the hallway and got the ultrasound pic out of my purse and slapped it down next to Leah's," said Mariuz.

"We were jumping up and down, just so happy for each other. Everyone was just in shock."

They explained that they were not planning to get pregnant at the same time. The moms and babies are all home and doing well. 

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