A Donald Trump supporter claims that a Mexican restaurant in New York refused to serve her. 

According to the New York Post, 61-year-old Esther Levy went to eat Sunday at the Cancun Inn in Sugar Loaf - about 60 miles outside New York City - with a friend, a retired judge named Alvin Goldstein.

After they ordered sangria, Levy - who was wearing a Trump hat and button - said she was suddenly asked to leave.

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“I was shocked,” Levy, a writer, told The Post. “She [the waitress] seemed very surprised by it all and was told to refuse us service. We just got up and started to leave.”

Levy said a man who identified himself as a co-owner blasted Levy and Goldstein for supporting Donald Trump as they left.

“On the way out, the co-owner decided to yell at me and humiliate me,” Levy recalled. “He said, ‘We don’t serve Trump supporters here. Get out of here and never come back.’”

The co-owner is also said to have shouted at them that Hillary Clinton is going to win the presidency. Goldstein called the incident "horrific."

Levy said she called police, but they told her that a private business is within its legal right to refuse service. She said she has eaten at the Mexican restaurant many times.

The Cancun Inn's Facebook page quickly became a target for Trump supporters, but the owners claimed that Levy and her friend were drunk and acting "rowdy" and "rude" to the staff.

Levy called the claim about her behavior "ridiculous," arguing that it was clear she was ejected for her political views.

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