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A Washington man who learned he had less than a week to live married his longtime girlfriend in a hospital ceremony.

47-year-old Darren Sisk is in remission from Hodgkin's lymphoma, but treatment for that illness has caused his organs to fail.

His last wish was to marry his "best friend," Crickett.

They met 10 years ago when Darren stopped a car from hitting Crickett's young grandson. Darren's leg was broken in the act of heroism, and the two formed a lasting bond while he recovered from the injury.

Staff members at Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver saw to Darren's wish, helping to arrange the wedding in a hospital hallway. Family members, nurses and physician's assistants stood by while the couple said their "I do's."

With Darren's daughter due to give birth in eight weeks, staff also setup a sonogram so he could see his grandchild moving in the womb.

He was released from the hospital to live out the rest of his days at home. He remarked on how fortunate he was to be able to spend this time in the company of the people he cared about. 

“What an opportunity, you know. For most people they don't get this opportunity to say goodbye,” he said.

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