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Krauthammer: Comey Laid Out the Case for Clinton Committing Negligence

In tonight's Talking Points, Bill O'Reilly said FBI Director James Comey "downplayed" the element of gross negligence by Hillary Clinton in her email case, and said it was "troubling."

O'Reilly pointed out that gross negligence in national security matters is a felony, and said that Comey's decision not to recommend criminal charges will raise suspicions "that the case was decided on politics."

He said that by minimizing the negligence issue, Comey has put his agency under scrutiny.

"I am not casting aspersions on Comey's honesty," O'Reilly said. "I believe he is a credible man. I don't believe he would tank an investigation. But the American people are owed a more detailed explanation about negligence that put our national security in jeopardy."

Watch the memo above.

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