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Charles Krauthammer said the conclusion to draw from FBI Director James Comey's press statement on Hillary Clinton's emails was that the former secretary of state is a "non-criminal liar."

He said that Clinton's "lying is obvious when you compare her statements with what Comey said."

Krauthammer also said Comey's logic was "puzzling" and "completely wrong" in making "malicious intent" the standard by which to determine if Clinton committed a crime, instead of "gross negligence."

"Negligence does not require intent. That's the whole point of having it in the statute," he said.

Krauthammer said Comey "spent 14 minutes laying out a case for negligence and then he says you can't prosecute."

He said that Comey's recommendation means Clinton's campaign won't implode, but he predicted that the director's remarks contradicting past Clinton statements will be played in Republican ads.

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