Hillary Clinton is set to campaign with President Barack Obama in North Carolina, traveling with him aboard Air Force One just days after her meeting with the FBI about her private emails. 

Donald Trump reacted on Twitter to the news:

On Fox and Friends, Laura Ingraham pointed out that despite ISIS attacks around the world and a sluggish economy, President Obama's support remains crucial for Clinton.

"It's her best weapon in this campaign. She has no record to run on. She has no record of success to boast about," said Ingraham. 

She argued that there is still a "great deal of affection" for Obama and he "remains one of the most powerful campaigners in American life." 

Ingraham said she wishes Republicans had a person as effective as Obama as a speaker, explaining that Obama sees Clinton as the best "vehicle" for his policies to continue. 

"The president wants to keep his whole globalist thing going. He wants to move this into a post-American world," said Ingraham. 

"He's gonna try to sell her to the American people. The question is are the American people going to buy it," she said. 

Watch the full interview above.