A group of parents in Denver are speaking out in protest to Hooters sponsoring a local Cub Scout camp.

The irate parents went to the local media after finding out that "Hooters girls" volunteered at the event and were photographed with their sons.

In the pictures that have been made public, the female Hooters employees were wearing jackets and tee-shirts, not the signature tanktop and skimpy orange shorts seen inside the well known restaurant.

But one of the mothers, Michelle Kettleborough, told Fox and Friends this morning that the messages of the Boy Scouts and of Hooters are totally opposite.

"Hooters is an adult-themed restaurant. The girls are geared toward adult men, not seven-year-olds," she said. 

Kettleborough said her son had a positive experience at the Hooters-sponsored event, but she doesn't want to have to explain to him why he can't go there to eat. 

Kettleborough said she respects any family that chooses to bring their children into Hooters, but believes the Cub Scouts' parents should have had a choice in this instance.

The Boy Scouts of America said in a statement: 

A restaurant extended support to help make a local Cub Scout Day Camp possible and provided volunteers for the camp. The group of trained volunteers mistakenly wore the wrong attire and it was addressed by our Council leadership. The Boy Scouts of America relies on millions of dedicated volunteers and we are very appreciative of their commitment. We extend our apologies for this mistake and look forward to continuing our mission of serving youth in the Denver area.

Some viewers wrote into Fox and Friends after the interview, expressing the opinion that the moms are overreacting and that Hooters' charity should be accepted.

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