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On Saturday, Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI regarding the agency’s investigation into her use of a private email server for official correspondence during her tenure as secretary of state.

Former FBI Assistant Director Steve Pomerantz appeared on "America's Election HQ" today to give insight on what this interview was like.

Pomerantz pointed out that Clinton is the main subject of a criminal investigation, and this three-and-a-half interview was the culmination of a lengthy, "adversarial" process.

"They're looking for information, they're looking for the truth, and they're looking to get answered the questions that they have," Pomerantz said.

He said that the FBI agents want to "sweat her," meaning get her under pressure and get answers to tough questions.

"This is not a pleasant process for her," he said.

Pomerantz added that the worst possible thing Clinton could do in this situation - from her perspective - is to lie to the investigators, because she and her attorneys are not aware of what evidence they already have.

"We've talked about other cases where people have gone to jail, not for the underlying offenses that were under investigation necessarily, but for how they conducted themselves during the investigation, either obstructing, witness tampering or lying."

Watch the clip above and get more insight on this process from defense attorney E. Jay Abt below.

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