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An ex-Navy SEAL who is running for governor in Missouri came up with a novel idea to get the word out about his campaign. 

Eric Greitens is selling "ISIS hunting permits" in an effort to raise money. The bumper sticker says that the permit expires "when we defeat this evil."

Those who fork over $100 will get a sticker signed by Rob O'Neill, the former SEAL who fired the shots that killed Usama bin Laden. 

The combat veteran served four tours of duty, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. He received the Combat Action Ribbon, the Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star for his service in Fallujah, Iraq. 

Greitens, who faces a four-way Republican primary on August 2, joined Fox and Friends this morning to discuss his views.

Greitens said he's never run for office before, but believes the government is "broken," citing the events in Ferguson, Missouri and the protests at the University of Missouri. 

He said that the fight against "radical Islamic terror" needs to start at home, in addition to going after ISIS overseas. 

Greitens also said "freedom-hating terrorists" will not be defeated by taking guns away from law-abiding Americans. 

Watch the interview above.

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