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The meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton might not have been known if not for a local reporter who received a tip about it. 

Christopher Sign, morning anchor at ABC15 in Phoenix, joined Bill O'Reilly to go over his bombshell report.

Sign explained that he received a tip from a "trusted source" about the meeting and then met with management at the station. 

"Naturally my jaw dropped," he recalled.

The meeting took place on a private tarmac at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport, near where private aircraft take off and land.

Sign said that a second source confirmed the information and they then asked Lynch about it at a news conference Wednesday.

Lynch maintained that she did not discuss the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server or any other "cases" and that the former president didn't bring it up.

Before leaving the city, Mr. Clinton apparently waited at the airport Monday night for Lynch to arrive, then boarded her plane for a 30-minute conversation. 

"The FBI there on the tarmac instructed everybody: no photos, no pictures, no cell phones," Sign explained.

O'Reilly praised Sign and his station for doing excellent work to break the story. 

The attorney general spoke Friday about the meeting, saying she will accept whatever recommendation is made regarding potential charges against Mrs. Clinton in the email case.

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