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FBI agents are "livid" about Attorney General Loretta Lynch's meeting with Bill Clinton, Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported today on Outnumbered.

Herridge said that, according to a well-placed FBI source, the agents are not just upset about the poor optics of the meeting.

She explained that Bill Clinton is a potential witness because the FBI is separately investigating corruption allegations against the Clinton Foundation.

Herridge noted that the Lynch-Clinton meeting may never have become public if a local reporter had not gotten a tip about it.

Meantime, Lynch said today she will not recuse herself from the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server, but will leave the decision-making about potential charges to non-political subordinates.

"I'll be briefed on it and I will be accepting their recommendation," said Lynch. 

She noted that this was her plan even before Mr. Clinton came aboard her plane earlier this week in Phoenix.

"I certainly wouldn't do it again," she said about the meeting with Clinton, lamenting that it has "cast a shadow" over the investigation.

In a light moment during the Aspen Institute Forum, the moderator asked Lynch to name one thing her predecessor Eric Holder didn't tell her about being attorney general.

"Where the lock on the plane door was," she joked, drawing a lot of laughs from the crowd.

Herridge pointed out the extraordinary nature of what is happening right now with the Clintons and the Obama administration just weeks before the Democratic National Convention.

"What has happened in the last 24 hours has never happened before in Washington," she said.

Watch her full report above and hear from the local Phoenix reporter who broke the story, here.

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