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Federal investigators are looking into the first-ever fatal crash of a self-driving car in the United States.

Ohio resident Joshua D. Brown, 40, was killed May 7 while driving the Tesla vehicle in Williston, Florida.

The car crashed when the autopilot system failed to recognize that a white tractor-trailer that was turning in front of it.

Tesla said that the car's camera could not distinguish the white side of the big rig from the bright sky, so the brakes were not applied.

The government is now looking into the performance of the system aboard the Tesla Model S sedan.

The driver of the truck said in an interview that Brown was "playing Harry Potter on the TV screen" and that's why he did not see the truck and apply the brake manually.

Brown was a former Navy SEAL who left the service in 2008. He was a big advocate of his "Tessy," often posting self-driving videos online and applauding the sophisticated vehicle for avoiding crashes on its own.

Tesla founder Elon Musk expressed his sorrow over Brown's death.

Tesla maintains that its autopilot technology is "getting better all the time, but it is not perfect and still requires the driver to remain alert."

They recommend still keeping your hands on the wheel and watching the road, even on autopilot.

An expert told Fox News that even if the self-driving car's camera could not see the truck, the radar system should have detected it. 

Watch the report above from America's Newsroom.

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