Lt. Col. Ralph Peters reacted this morning to some U.S. sailors reportedly sharing information with their Iranian captors.

Six officers and three enlisted sailors have been disciplined or face disciplinary action stemming from their capture in the Persian Gulf in January, AP reported.

Now questions are being raised about why the sailors did not follow protocol, with a Navy investigation pointing out weak leadership, poor judgment, a lack of "warfighting toughness."

The report stated that despite the sailors' mistakes that caused the boat to enter Iranian waters, the Revolutionary Guard violated international law by impeding "innocent passage."

Peters said it was "absolutely disgraceful" to watch how the sailors responded to the incident and anyone who has ever served in uniform could see it at the time.

Peters said that when a service member is captured, he or she is taught to give their name, rank, date of birth and service number and not another "syllable."

"They were clearly wetting the bed and panicking. Whatever threats the Iranians made doesn't matter. You don't give up any more," he said.

Peters said some of the sailors provided the Iranians with details about the mission, technical aspects of the boat and computer passwords. 

He noted that all of the sailors surely underwent "sexual harassment , affirmative action and sensitivity training," questioning why they weren't better prepared for what to do while in enemy hands.

"We've got our priorities wrong."

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