Judge Nap on Clinton-Lynch Meeting: 'Profound' Appearance of Impropriety

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Greta Van Susteren offered up some free advice for Attorney General Loretta Lynch: "Recuse yourself" from the Justice Department's investigation of Hillary's emails.

"Madame Attorney General, you may think you can dodge this bullet, but you can't," Greta said in her "Off the Record" message. "And worse, you are poisoning the 2016 presidential race worse than it already is."

Greta said that Lynch's secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton on Monday gives the appearance of impropriety, which is enough to taint a case.

She said Lynch should do a favor to herself, the DOJ and the nation - and recuse herself.

"If you don't get out of this now it will get worse," Greta warned.

Watch the full commentary above.

UPDATE: Attorney General Loretta Lynch will announce on Friday that she will defer to non-political subordinates on whether to bring charges against the likely Democratic presidential nominee. Read more, here.

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