The internet thinks it may have seen a ghost and people are freaking out. 

It's all because of this photo, reportedly taken around 1900 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

It shows a group of female linen mill workers.

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All the fuss is stemming from the second row of the picture. Look at the woman on the far right ... do you notice anything on her right shoulder?

Some say it's a creepy-looking hand, which clearly is not coming from any other human. 

Of course, it could be an optical illusion of some sort, but experts have reportedly looked at the photo and say it was not doctored.

The website Belfast Live said that it stumbled on the possibly supernatural snap, a Getty image, while working on a story about jobs of yesteryear in the city.

They were tipped off by a reader who pointed out the creepy-looking "fingers," explaining that her grandmother is the woman whose shoulder you'll probably be staring at for the next few minutes. 

The woman said the photo has been displayed in her family's house for years. 

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