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Members of Hillary Clinton's campaign staff secretly tracked some journalists to make sure they didn't get a chance to ask Clinton tough questions, according to emails leaked by hacker Guccifer 2.0.

The hacker told The Smoking Gun he accessed campaign volunteer Sarah Hamilton's Gmail account by using a fake email log-in page.

He discovered emails between press aides and volunteers that show them apparently tracking journalists' movements at Clinton campaign events.

In emails, they communicate the whereabouts of reporters who might ask Clinton challenging questions, especially CNN's Dan Merica and the Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet.

“Watch out for Dan Merica center right,” one email from a campaign aide said at a Las Vegas rally.

Another aide responded, "French journos and Dan Merica heading to stage right."

When Clinton was in Chicago in March, campaign press secretary Nick Merrill warned about Sweet, “Let’s keep an eye on her.”

“Yes,” an aide responded, “I’m sitting next to her on the bus.”

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