SEE IT: Obama Contradicted Over and Over By His Advisers About ISIS Threat

Ex-CIA Officer: Obama Is Still 'Living in an Alternate Reality' on ISIS Threat

President Obama made brief comments about yesterday's Istanbul airport terror attack, which is being blamed on ISIS. 

Speaking from Canada, Obama said "we stand with the people of Turkey" and that the United States "intends to do what is necessary to make sure that these kinds of terrible events are not happening."

Obama then pivoted to "happier" subjects, including cooperation between Mexico, Canada and the U.S. on a range of issues, including climate change.

On Outnumbered, Eric Bolling, Meghan McCain, Julie Roginsky, Harris Faulkner and Sandra Smith, discussed whether this response is sufficient after the suicide bombings that killed 41 people and wounded more than 200. 

Bolling said it's unclear what Obama is doing to, as he stated, make sure these attacks don't happen. 

"The president should have sent a stronger message. On a happier note? There is no happier note right now. People are dead. It's insane! This PC crap where we can't call Islamic terror what it is and say 'we will defeat it' is why it keeps happening there and in Orlando," he said. 

"Where's the outrage!?" he added.

Meghan McCain said she just wants to see Obama show some anger on behalf of the American people. 

"History will remember that Obama helped with the rise of ISIS! Just look angry. ... Since we're apparently not gonna do anything about it until we get a new leader in office. I thank God that whoever ends up being president, at least it's no longer this president who's making it worse," said McCain.

Roginsky agreed with their points about the president's tone, but asked what the president can do "practically" when it comes to Turkey fighting ISIS.

Faulkner said it has not helped "one iota" for the administration to avoid calling out "radical Islam." 

Earlier in the show, the hosts took issue with Secretary of State John Kerry, who said today that ISIS is "on the run" in the Middle East and that these attacks show the terrorists' "desperation."

"We have to be right 24-7-365. They have to get it right for 10 minutes or one hour," said Kerry. 

Roginsky agreed with Bolling that it doesn't matter whether ISIS is losing militarily in Iraq and Syria when innocent people are being killed in places like Brussels, Paris, Orlando and Istanbul. 

She called Kerry's statement so soon after the bombings "tone deaf." 

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